Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mamatography Week 7 ( Day 40-46)

This week was so much fun! I had my sister around and I just loved seeing her everyday. She is turning into quite the young lady!

Sunday: Hillary reckoned she could fit into the ride outside Tesco's maybe not so grown up after all!

Monday: Margot gives Ethan her best smile, He doesn't seem so impressed though!

Tuesday: Ethan enjoying a cuddle with aunty Hillary... can you say awww?

Wednesday: I gave Ethan some Spaghetti, Quite intrigued as to how he managed them. I take my hat off to you sir!

Thursday: This was the best day! It actually felt like summer! We met Mark for lunch ( He gave my son a chip! He insists that it was a very potatoey chip!)and then spent some time at the beach. Ethan got to go on the actual beach rather than just the promenade because Hillary was here to help us get him in the Ergo. Thanks Aunty Hills!

Friday: We changed over Ethan's wardrobe today. We packed away his 6-9months (pictured ..sniff,sniff) and put up his 9-12 months. Where is the time going?

Saturday: Ethan was practicising walking with Hillary's help, We had a very lazy Saturday.

I really loved having my sis around. I miss her, can't wait till I see her again. I'm sure Ethan feels the same!


Cheryl said...

Spaghetti and the beach all in the same week? Looks like you all had a great time!

Lisa said...

I'm visiting from the Mamatography link... I LOVE seeing little eat spaghetti! They are always so cute when they eat it! It always reminds me of the first time my oldest ate spaghetti - it was EVERYWHERE! :)
Ethan is adorable!! Cherish this time... it does not last long! Have a good weekend!

melissa said...

Oh, sisters are the best! Sweet pictures of your Ethan with his auntie!

Christine Powell said...

Aw, I love having my sisters around too so know what you mean. And packing away the clothes... man I know all about that. Lovely pics :)

Luschka said...

Lovely pics again! I have my sister and mum here at the moment too and it is lovely. We have odd relationships, us three, but it's still our 'tribe', you know?

The Princess Poet said...

Thank you everyone! Can't wait to see her again! And I know all about strange relationships , hills feels more like my first born than my sis - which brings up lots of other complexities. But like Luschka said they are our tribe. :-)

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