Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mamatography Week 6 ( Day 33-39)

This was in all a rather enjoyable week. However, It seems because of the sea, We didn't get any snow so I'm afraid Ethan's 1st Winter is going by without a picture of snow until I had a stroke of luck!

Monday: We were brave and actually walked along our pier! The wood looked aged and I suddenly felt butterflies but I looked ahead and I noticed that there were men fishing at the end and one of them had a bike so I deduced it isn't much different to one mama and a baby in a buggy!

 It was a very pleasant walk and the winter sun was shining and the air was crisp. I felt lucky to be alive and living in this town.

Tuesday: Ethan wanted my beloved Pooh Bear and I decided that I would give it to him. My mama got it for me on my 16th birthday at the peak of my Winnie the Pooh obsession. The funny thing is that E is actually the same size as Pooh Bear!

Wednesday: E sharing the ball pool with his friend and potential life partner (he he he)

My friend Becky hates this picture but I love it! She was caught having a rest rubbing her baby bump while her older 2 played. This means even more to me now as She had Baby Zinnia this morning(15/2/12 @3.30am). My darling friend got her VBA2C after a very long labour. If she can, then I can do it too.

E would rather eat his tambourine during music time!

Thursday: We missed our bus home as we were busy chatting at our LLL meeting. Instead of being cross with myself for having to wait 30mins, We sang songs and I captured this picture. I don't have many pictures of E & myself because I'm usually the one behind the lens! So I relish when I get good ones where my hair actually looks good!

Friday: We drove to Surrey to pick my sister up from Boarding school for half-term! I tried to capture the sunset. Not so easy in a moving vehicle!

It was scary as Hillary's school is in the sticks so the gritting trucks didn't get there! However, what her school did have was SNOW! Too bad it was 7pm!  I placed E on my hubby's Kagol and took my chances!

Saturday: We had a really relaxed day, E took his 1st steps today. 1,2 tumble. It was over before I could press record! It made me slightly teary and I had to look at pics from the very beginning and It struck me how much he had grown. He'd gone from this baby who just laid and cooed to this baby who walks, screeches and grunts!

and that was our week!


Luschka said...

What an awesome week! I smiled all the way through your pictures. From LLL meetings to VBA2C and first steps! What an uplifting post. Thank you so much for sharing!

Christine Powell said...

Gorgeous pictures of you little man as usual, and congrats to your friend on the arrival of her daughter :)

The Princess Poet said...

:-) I really enjoyed this week! I'm so happy for my friend it's unreal! The danger is its making me more broody!

The Princess Poet said...

Thank you Christine! I'll pass it on! Thank you for coming by! X

Kat said...

Aww first steps!!! So bittersweet! Thant's great about your friend!

KLynn Miller said...

What a wonderful week you had and a BIG CONGRATS to your friend! I just ran across a picture of My Little Man's first steps and one of my daughter's (who will be 21 years old next month). Awww - time sure flies. Enjoy the special moments. :)

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